Simulated Game Day format

We pride ourselves in making sure that your day out shooting with us is as hassle free as possible. From the moment you arrive at the shoot lodge, until time of departure, we make the day as seamless as possible. On arrival in the morning, you will be welcomed by warm bacon sandwiches, and hot tea and coffees to dust off the cobwebs, as well as enjoy the spectacular views over the Pewsey Vale. After a quick briefing we leave the barn in our gun bus, The Millennium Falcon, and head off for the first of our four drives of the day. You and your team are dropped off at your ‘butts’, and when you’re all ready the drive will begin at the sound of the horn.

We have a huge variety of drives at Rushall, and we can adjust each drive to cater to your requirements, and we always make sure everyone gets lots of opportunity to shoot. We like to replicate what the Wiltshire countryside would normally have to offer in a traditional sense, and our drives certainly reflect this. We can offer driven pheasant and partridge, but also grey partridge and pigeon, so that your day is varied and exciting from start to finish. After each drive we offer refreshments, and after the second drive we host a substantial al fresco lunch on a sunny day, or a more decadent affair at the shoot lodge, both options are of the highest quality to ensure the whole team gets a good feast after an exciting mornings shooting.

Once lunch is over we head out for the afternoon’s shooting, which again will fill with adrenaline and laughter. Once everyone has shot to their heart’s content, we return to the lodge for tea and cake to round off a spectacular day!

Simulated Game Day pricing and info

We can cater from 6 to 20 guns on our simulated days, and for the price of £250/gun you not only get your shooting for the day, but also a hefty amount of quality hospitality. We can also offer guns to bring guests with them who may not wish to shoot but want to come along for the fun, which costs just £50/guest for an entire days entertainment. Open from March 1st – July 1st.

We also offer gun hire at £100/gun, instruction and cartridges on request, therefore you really only need to bring a pair of wellies and a coat if it’s not a sunny day! If you are under 16 or a beginner we request that an instructor is used at a cost of £100/instructor as a matter of safety!

We provide ear protection, safety glasses and a fancy branded Rushall Organics limited edition cap for each shooting guest. This ensures you are well protected in style!

If you are having lot’s of fun on a particular drive and don’t want it to stop, we can always throw more clays over the guns to ensure everybody has had their fill. However, we can guarantee you will leave wanting more!