Pheasant Shooting in Wiltshire


The pheasant shooting at Rushall is set amongst five thousand acres of organic farmland.

The topography of the land lends itself perfectly for high birds. We offer full driven pheasant shooting for eight guns per day, and a bag of the high sporting birds can range from 150 to 300, depending what you prefer. As well as enjoying some spectacular sport you can also revel in a welcome breakfast, a very hearty and yet refined elevenses, followed by a superb lunch at our own venue ( The season runs from October 1st through to February 1st, and you can book a day shooting any day of the week apart from Sundays.

Managing  conservation

Managing a shoot at Rushall allows us to maintain our conservation on the farm to a very high standard. Whilst we pride ourselves on conservation anyway, through our organic farming mind-set, having a full-time gamekeeper for a shoot has really promoted the biodiversity on the farm. Cover crops grown for the shoot support varied food chains, and the birdlife in particular has benefitted most from this. We now frequently see; Woodcock, Grey Partridge, Hen Harriers, Montague Harriers, Corn Bunting, Lapwing, Stone Curlews, Greater Spotted Woodpeckers and many more. Photographs courtesy of Jenny Grewal, Mythic Hippo Photography – Copyright

Book  your shoot with Rushall Organics

The prices start at £35+VAT/bird. Please call Joe Wookey on 07979577407 for any enquiries or more information. Book a full day