The Team

The pheasant and partridge shooting at Rushall Organics was introduced by Joe and Isy Wookey in 2012, with the simulated game days coming later in 2020. It is very much a family affair with Joe and Isy’s daughters, Willow and Coco, loving coming out and shoot days – especially to see all of the dogs! We very much pride ourselves on the team effort that goes in to producing our shoot days here at Rushall Organics. This starts with head keeper Daniel Readfern, who has plied his trade at well known estates such as Sandringham and Knepp, before settling with us at Rushall. Dan is fortunate to have great support with him that includes Alex, Gary, Pete, Clive, Lesley and Lincoln, not to mention the hugely talented beating and picking up team that we have the fortune of working with. Further to this we work closely with caterers McCrimmon and Reid who produce all of our shoot lunches that have built such a fantastic reputation.

Every single person involved in the pheasant and partridge shooting and the simulated game shooting at Rushall Organics has an important role to play, which we never take for granted. And it is this combined effort that we believe is what produces such fantastic sport and fun for all of our guests.

It is vital to Joe and Isy that every team member buys into the ethos at Rushall Organics, which is to put the environment first. Every decision we make has consequences to our surroundings. From the energy we use, to the waste we produce, every care has been taken to limit our footprint on the planet, and we are hugely grateful to every team member for helping us achieve this goal.

Looking to the future, our ambition is to be recognised as one of the leading environmentally friendly shoots, as well as keeping an increasing population of grey partridge for the future in order to protect one of Britain’s rarest farmland birds. So watch this space and our social media channels for updates on how we are getting on!