Riverside Glamping in Wiltshire at its best

Our shepherd’s huts at Rushall Organics have been here for over 100 years. Now re-incarnated as spaces for glamping in Wiltshire.

They’ve been here longer than the Wookey family, who have been farming here in Wiltshire for four generations. The original framework is all still intact. They have been painted in light, natural colours that mirror your Wiltshire surroundings. Inside all is light and space-efficient. Each have a double bed and two bunks that elegantly fold up into seating in the daytime.

The space is both versatile and dynamic. The huts are fully plumbed in with a handy butler sink. They also have modern comforts including electric spotlights and a fridge. These are powered by solar panels on the roof, as well as a gas-powered oven. The private compost loo and outdoor, gas-powered shower are just a few steps away. The majority of the materials used in re-building the glamping huts have been sourced from the Wiltshire farm. These include the oak for the super structures to the kitchens made from recycled beams.

The glamping huts have been re-furbished sympathetically with the Wiltshire environment and original design at its heart. Each hut sleeps four people, with an option for one additional person to stay in a tent. Glamping at Rushall Organics is available from May 1st until the end of October.